Sunday, May 3, 2009

Color Inspiration: Mother Nature

What are your color inspirations for your fiber art creations? I often turn to mother nature who is the ultimate colorist. My passion for birdwatching at my feeders in the winter led me to wonder at the perfect color combinations in the feathers of the birds visiting my backyard.

The black, white and grey feathers of this chickadee against a blue sky gave me the inspiration for a crocheted handbag's colors. The blue grey wool is the wing feathers of the chickadee. The blue lining echoes the sky. A shiny black button is inspired from the curious dark eye of the chickadee.

Do you notice the beige in the chickadee's breast feathers? How could you work that into a color combination with the black, grey and white?

Of course, not all of my color inspirations come from nature. But my camera is not far away when I'm walking in the woods, strolling along a beach , or admiring my flower garden. It's amazing what great color combinations I find days or weeks later while reviewing my nature snaps.

If you find yourself with fiber artist's block, look to mother nature for inspiration.

Interested in what color combinations you may see at your own backyard bird feeder visit Cornell's Lab of Ornithology.