Thursday, October 15, 2009

Delft Tiles this Vintage Thingies Thursday

These vintage Delft tiles were bought at a yard sale over 13 years ago from a lady who was clearing out her late mother’s home. She told me that her mother had them for many years, but she did not know their history. The question is are they authentic tiles or are they 20th century tiles simply made for the tourist market?

This first tile may be decorated with the image of a broom-maker.

I'm not sure who this image represents on this second tile, but it appears to be a nobleman.

This is a close-up of the ox-head corner motif.

I like speculating about the origins of these tiles. Are they English or Dutch? How old are they? I haven't be able to answer these questions yet. May be some day...

Happy Vintage Thingies Thursday at Coloradolady!


Maureen said...

And I thought Delft was just blue and white. Love the crazing I see on the close up.

Lisa said...

These are beautiful...I've never seen these tiles in any other color but blue. I love the yellows and greens!

Debbie said...

Pretty images the corner design is so pretty, it would be fun to learn more about them