Saturday, December 5, 2009

Crochet Something for Your Guy This Christmas

At this late date, I was looking for something quick to crochet as a gift for my guy this Christmas. I found this suggestion for comfy crochet slippers at the Crochet Liberation Front's blog.

This got me thinking about what else is there to crochet for the guy in your life that would be fast to "hook-up" before Christmas morning.

A one hour scarf by Sharon Maher of Laughing Purple Designs is knit using four strands of yarn.

For the guy who has a favorite chair, why not use Christina Budd's pattern to crochet an armchair pocket for remotes, snacks and other miscellany for couch potato moments.

Got a guy who's tired of ties at Christmas (and has a sense of humour), how about a crocheted bow-tie from Craftzine?

Happy guy crocheting!