Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I've Got Holes in My Knitting!: It's a Good Thing

Yes, after ripping this baby down to the ribbing about five times, I finally have established the correct pattern of "holes" for my ribbed lace bolero.

I had trouble with the second row of the repeat. Well, actually I had touble with the first row too. But after I refreshed my understanding of "yo", "ssk" and had the direction  my needle should be entering the stitches settled, the first row was no problem.

The second row of the repeat calls for you to:  p1, p1 in 1st yo, p1 into back of 2nd yo. I thought this would be the end of me! I googled the instructions, and much to my surprise, I was not the only one stuck on this row of the pattern.  At the blog A Joyful Life , a clearly written post with great pictures explains how to accomplish the actual row of this pattern. My sanity saved. My life definitely more joyful.

I  need to knit about 17 more inches of lace. This is much easier now that I know what the pattern should look like when knit!

Happy YOing!