Friday, March 26, 2010

A Treat For Me: A Crocheted Ipod Case You Can Crochet Too

I treated myself to one of my crocheted Ipod cases. This cheery yellow one is perfect for spring. This Fiber Arts Friday I'm sharing my simple pattern to make one of your very own.

They are fun to make. Crochet a chain the width of your Ipod allowing for side seams. In single crochet, crochet to a length that wraps down the front and up the back of your Ipod.

You are now ready for the flap. Crochet the flap until you are about three rows away from where you want to stop the length of the flap.

Make the buttonhole on the next row. For the size of my button, I single crochet to the 2 center stitches of the buttonhole row. Now, I chain 2 to skip over these 2 stitches and continue to finish the remaining stitches of the row in single crochet. Crochet 2 more rows making sure to single crochet in the 2 chains of the buttonhole row. You may need to skip more stitches for your buttonhole depending on the size of your button and gauge of your yarn.

Block your work before you sew it up, so it lays flat when you sew the sides.

Sew up the sides using a wool needle and yarn. You may also chain stitch the sides together, which I do, running the chain around the edge of the flap as well.

You'll see in the first picture that I have an opening in the bottom of the case for the headphone jack to plug into my Ipod. With a wool needle and yarn and using the whip stitch, I create a circular opening in between 2 single crochets.

Here is a picture of  the circular opening from another one of my cases so you can get the idea. I push a pencil into the hole to shape it. Then, I spritz it with water leaving the pencil in until it dries to make a sturdy opening.

That's me this Fiber Arts Friday. See more fiber creations at Wonder Why Gals!

Happy crocheting!


AllyB said...

That's adorable. Thank you for sharing it, I think I'll whip one up this weekend.

Dutch Hollow Acres said...

Cute idea! Now I just need an iPod

Kate (KnitsInClass) said...

I love little crochet projects like this - they go so fast and give that nice feeling of instant satisfaction! Thanks for sharing your pattern.

WonderWhyGal said...

It's adorable and I want one...let' see I don't crochet so knit purl I will go.

Thank you for sharing. I love your Fiber Art Friday