Monday, April 26, 2010

Knit and Crochet Blog Week: Join in on the Experience

Thanks to reading Jenny's Blog on Knitting, I am joining Knit and Crochet Blog Week from Monday to Sunday of this week.

There is a question to answer each day of the week about your passion for fiber from how did you start to the yarn you yearn to own. Visit Eskimimi Knits for all the info and here is the list of questions.

Today's question is: How and when did you begin knitting/crocheting?

My mom and a learn to knit book taught me how to knit. I can't remember exactly how old I was, but I know by the time I was about ten I had experimented with knitting. An abysmal  failure to be able to knit mitts put my knitting career on hold. I turned to crochet which for some reason I picked up much quicker from my mom.

Eventually, I took on knitting again and was knee deep into it by my early teens. I remember one early project was a knit garter stitch apron and hot mat for my mom on Mother's Day.

Some thirty odd years later I'm still both knitting and crocheting. I have taken the the odd hiatus only to return more passionate than ever for these fiber arts.

Happy blogging about your passion!


-Sam said...

I learned to knit from a book too -- I liked having a reference to study :)

Jenny said...

I wish I had learned how to knit as a child! Well, actually I did, but I forgot it completely and had no memory of it when I took it up as an adult.

But I love the whole process of knitting though, fiber, needles, to actually make something from almost nothing!

/ Jenny

Lisa said...

I wish I learned to knit a long time ago! But better late than never! Loved reading your post