Thursday, April 22, 2010

Knitting Green Challenge: My Knit Basket for Earth Day

It's Earth Day!

Knitting Daily issued a Knitting Green Challenge for Earth Day. I decided to give it a whirl and came up with a creation. This is my earth friendly knit basket repurposing cotton from a chair slipcover and reusing gift ribbon.

The tools I used were scrap fabric, old ribbon, scissors and large knitting needles.

My pile of cotton scraps from the slipcover were transformed into cotton yarn by cutting one rectangular piece of cotton into one long strip.

Casting on 16 stitches with my 12 mm needles and knitting 12 rows in garter stitch gave me a rectangular piece of knit cotton.

Using my recycled ribbon, I threaded a piece through each corner of the rectangle and tied a bow.

All four corners are tied and magically it's a basket.

It took only an hour to complete.

Lisa of Molto di Moda Designs also took this fun challenge. See her creativity here.

Happy Earth Day Knitting!


Lisa said...

I really LOVE your basket!! Great job! Thanks for linking to my post--you are too sweet. By the way...I'm going to STITCHES SOUTH tomorrow-CAN'T WAIT!

Ellen said...

Thanks for sharing this on the Times Union Fiber Arts blog. I left a comment there, but thought I'd leave one here too, in case you didn't go back.
I am actually inspired to try this myself now.