Sunday, May 9, 2010

My Mom's Next Project: A Crochet Queen of Hearts Doll Outfit

My Mom called recently to ask if I had her old 1950's pattern book "Dolls and Dolls". You see I took ownership of most of her patterns books when she thought she wouldn't be using them anymore. She is turning 80 this year and keeps saying she is going to give up knitting and crocheting. Yet, she is more prolific than me at turning out fiber creations.

Right now, she is knitting the Ribbed Lace Bolero which she liked after seeing mine. She just finished Nicky Epstein's Little Red Jacket which she saw in my "Crocheting on the Edge" book.

She always finds something she likes and wants to make. This is the Queen of Hearts Doll outfit she plans to crochet:

It's being made as a prize for one of her social groups.

My mom crocheted this dress for my Barbie when I was a girl. Barbie looked ravishing in it!

Keep on fiber arting Mom and Happy Mother's day!


sara said...

Your mom sounds neat. You did a great job on your ribbed bolero. Happy mother's day!