Sunday, May 16, 2010

Toe-Up or Top-Down?: I Just Wanta Knit a Pair of Socks!

Opinions please! What are the advantages, disadvantages and such of knitting socks either toe-up or top-down? I am a newbie to sock knitting. I'd like to get off on the right foot (no pun intended), or I may develop a life-long phobia of knitting socks!

I'm going to knit Liat Gat's Quick and Easy Lounge Socks.

 I look forward to hearing from all of you sock knitters out there.


Happy Socks!


Lisa said...

at my LYS we learn our first pair top-down. There is another method where they start in the center of the foot bottom (the arch of the foot) and the socks fit better. I can't remember the designer's name who came up with the method, though???

Jenny said...

So far I've only knitted socks from the cuff down, but I'm definitely going to try the other way around too some day. Everybody I know who's knitting socks from the toe up are all converts, who swear by this method. At least toe-up socks are easier to try on while you knit.

Don't know if I made it any easier :)

Good luck!

Becky said...

I learned cuff down and think that is easier at first. It took 3 tries before I was successful with toe-up, but it is great for using up all the yarn you have -- making the cuff as long as what is left.

My suggestion is to go from the cuff for your first pair.

sara said...

I'm a huge proponent of toe up. No grafting and you can try on as you go a little more easily. However, you do have to be sure to cast off loosely or use a very stretchy bind off. I've used tubular bind offs in the past and I just recently learned Jen's surprisingly stretchy bind off.

Allison said...

Thanks for sharing your sock knitting experience. As someone with experience knitting mitts which are cuff down, toe-up is intriquing me. I love a challenge. However, I see as a beginner the top-down may be easier but grafting is scaring me!