Thursday, May 28, 2009

Fiber Jewelry: How To Make Crochet Rings

Designing and wearing your fiber jewelry is a creative way to express your individuality. You choose the technique, texture, colors and embellishments for each piece.

I like using crochet to create my fiber jewelry. Crochet is a fiber art that both beginners and experts can easily use to create beautiful wearable fiber art.

This fiber ring is crocheted from organic white cotton yarn. You can use any fiber as long as it is not too bulky for your finger.

I used a 4.5 mm / U.S 7 crochet hook to work with this medium yarn.

Your best friend for creating crochet rings is the trusty single crochet. This basic stitch is easy to use to give your work structure and a closed stitch.

Start your crochet ring by creating a foundation chain that is long enough to fit around your finger. I made 10 chains with my cotton yarn using a 4.5mm/ 7 U.S. hook. My ring fits an average adult female finger. Remember, your ring will have some stretch room since it is crocheted.

When you have your chain completed, you must join the end of the chain to the beginning to form a ring with a slip stitch. Be careful not to twist your ring, as you are now going to crochet in the round. There will be no seam to sew! See my previous blog post for a photo showing this.

Do not turn as you will be crocheting around the ring.

1st row: Chain (ch) 1 and single crochet (sc) in each ch of the foundation chain. Slip stitch (sl st) to join the end of the round to the beginning of the round.

2nd row: Ch 1. Sc in each sc around. Sl st to join the end of the round with the beginning. Fasten off and weave in your ends. It should look like a ring!

Now, here is the fun part. Embellish your ring. For the fiber ring pictured above, I used a vintage button that has sparkle. You could sew on beads, sequins or use embroidery floss to stitch a design. Happy Crocheting.


Karen said...

Wow, thanks for sharing that! It is soooo cute! I love it

Lisa said...

I love this ring! Thanks for the tutorial.