Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Crochet in the Great Outdoors

This time of year I love to crochet or knit outside in my backyard. My workspace is my patio table. I sit on my patio under my umbrella and work away.

I always keep my work journal close by to jot down ideas for my original designs, patterns or blog topics.

One thing I accomplished today was the crocheting of a wrist cuff bracelet complete with vintage buttons. I love working with the white organic cotton yarn.

Of course, there is the odd distraction supplied by nature like the hummingbirds, robins and woodpeckers who pop in and out of my landscape.

This woodpecker was accompanied all day by a hummingbird who used the holes the woodpecker made in the tree trunk to drink some sap. The woodpecker didn't seem to mind.

While I finished crocheting a lacy scarf in a lovely soft wool soy blend yarn, bees buzzed in my flowering bush. This bush is sure to have lots of berries for the birds thanks to this bee's pollination efforts!

It's not every day that I have the privilege to create in my backyard while sharing the habitat of these wonderful creatures. But today the weather was perfect. It was warm and sunny with a light breeze.

Sharing this glorious day with me were my two companions, Miss Amelia the cat and Mindy the dog. They are SPCA rescue animals.

They remind me on a daily basis to live for the moment which is often difficult to achieve in this fast paced world. However, on a day that was like today, I did have my "moments".

I'm looking forward to my next opportunity to create in the great outdoors. Happy creating!


Lisa said...

Wow, it sounds like a beautiful day! Love your wristbands!

Allison said...

Thank you Lisa!

MonikaRose said...

Hello, sounds like a beautiful day..thank you for dropping by...I like reading your blog and I love your Mindy and Miss Amelia. I had a female grey tabby named Minda, she has passed on...I have a surprise for you, I hope you do not mind...go check out my blog, first post...have a great day...love the birds in your yard..cya MonikaROse