Monday, June 22, 2009

Keys to Success: Resources for the On-line Handmade Seller

To be a successful handmade seller running an on-line Internet business, it's important to know some basics about marketing, customer service, the world of search engines and more!

Researching and educating yourself to these issues is often time consuming. I love finding lists of resources all in one place and I bet you do too. So, here are three websites that I recommend for the on-line handmade seller.

handmade Marketing

Handmade Marketing is a great resource for handmade sellers. Its information is organized by topic. There is a section for New Sellers where newbies to handmade selling will benefit from articles on setting up an Etsy shop and providing good customer service. If you are a blogger, the section on Blogging gives advice from how to keep your blog from being boring to how to organize give aways. There is an interesting section exploring the use of Social Media to market your handmade business. Users of Twitter and Facebook or those contemplating these avenues of marketing should pay a visit.

Another site of note is Handmade News. Although it is published by Artfire, Handmade News' advice applies to any handmade seller irrespective of where they choose to set up shop. I appreciated the overview of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or how to make it easier for search engines like Google and Yahoo to find you on the Internet, so buyers can find you on the Internet. Their marketing section offers advice on creating a business plan, branding and advertising.

Try Handmade

Try Handmade is a blog by Erika Jurney promoting buying handmade as opposed to buying mass produced. On this site, you can join a forum where buyers and can meet and chat with the makers of handmade goods. If you are looking to connect with other handmade sellers via their blogs, Erika features blogs of handmade sellers. I particularly like the gallery. Here, you can upload a photograph of your handmade item into one of the appropriate gallery categories subject to approval. Visitors to Try Handmade may view and vote on their favorite items leaving comments if they wish. You can link your picture to your online shop which might provide you with more exposure. Finally, the promotion section has a good list of resources and a comparison chart for the various venues to choose from when setting up your shop.

These resources should keep you busy. Happy researching!


Lisa said...

Thanks for all the insight on this the way, I love your crocheted choker! Very unique.

agentnoir said...

thank you so much for posting this. I've been desperately trying to find resources for etsy/handmade sellers & this post is so helpful! :)