Wednesday, July 15, 2009

My New Old Vintage Buttons

I was having a scavenger hunt in my mom's craft closet yesterday and discovered more vintage buttons! I've picked some of my favorites to share with you other button lovers.

Red and green makes for a pleasing contrast among these buttons.

These elegant white buttons are so pretty. The faux marble one is interesting.

The prettiest is this shank button with the ornate flowers.

For a burst of color, I love these round chubby buttons.

I can't resist these very shiny and very blue vintage buttons.

Last but not least, this 1950's button is unusual.

For those of you who appreciate the beauty of the design and color of vintage buttons, happy button hunting!


Lisa said...

I love vintage buttons--your post is great! I have a big cookie tin full. I like to incorporate these into my designs (whether it be jewelry, handbags, etc). TFS