Sunday, July 26, 2009

Crocheting From Vintage Doily Patterns: My Mom's Latest Creation

My Mom has been busy this summer crocheting a "Cluny Centerpiece" doily. The final result is quite beautiful with lots of cluny leaves. The cluny leaves are in three sizes starting with the smaller leaves in the center. The largest leaves ring the outside edge.

The fine detail of this doily is quite impressive. Some people may believe that doilies are too traditional, but they are great examples of lace making using crochet.

She has crocheted more doilies over the years than she cares to remember! She loves the challenge of crocheting such a detailed piece and seeing such beautiful handwork emerging off of her crochet hook.

My Mom has many vintage crochet patterns. I have never attempted to crochet a doily. Maybe its time I gave it a shot. I certainly have lots of patterns to choose from! Happy doilies to you!


Lisa said...

I love that doily. I used to crochet them all the time, but now I have NO MORE ROOM for even ONE more doily!

MonikaRose said...

Hello. Beautiful doily. I have made some myself from a book, they turn out so great, I love crocheting them with a small hook and anticipating the result. I have also made doily using larger hook and more ply on the yarn, wow, the effect is brilliant, especially when you crochet with multicolored yarn, the results are different each time, not one is the same, I love the challenge. I have a doily in progress and it one long one, for rectangle table. I have some pics on my blog..sorry for long post..I appreciate the ladies who make doilys..thank you so much for sharing your mums work..have a fantastic day..MonikaRose

MonikaRose said...

Hi again, I just added a search button on top right of my blog, just type in doily to find posts and pics..thanks Mon

Carolyn B said...

Tell your mom that is absolutely stunning - a few years back, I tried my hand at the vintage doilies & lace and realized I didn't have the technical skill or the patience! But it did make me appreciate the work that goes into them. (And thanks for stopping by my blog :o)