Monday, September 7, 2009

Felting for Your Cat: A Mouse and a Kitty Bed

Knitting and felting for your cat can be fun and rewarding, especially when they get pleasure from your lovingly made fiber creations.

My SPCA rescue cat Amelia was welcomed into our home with presents of felted mice and a felted cat bed. As we like to say, she loves her meeses to pieces! Her two mice are now a year old and still going strong. At night, she likes to carry one around in her mouth like prey. By day, she can be found chasing and beating up her mice without mercy. They are very sturdy and surely have lasted longer than any store bought toy would.

I knit them in a bulky wool and hand felted them stuffing each with fiberfill. The easy to knit unique one piece pattern for these felted mice can be found at Knitting on the Net.

Here is Amelia in her knit and felted cat bed. She loves to curl up into it for a nap, or sit in it while she watches birds from our office window.

This is a really fun project to make for your cat or as a gift for your favorite cat owner. This too is almost a year old, and has held its shape well. It's made from the same bulky wool as her mice. After felting it in the washer and while still wet, I used the rim of my largest metal mixing bowl as a form for the shape. I trimmed it with pink eyelash yarn for a bit of whimsy.

This pattern with lots of pictures of other Kitty Beds can be found at Wendy Knits.

If you have a small dog, I'm sure they would appreciate one of these beds too!

Happy felting!


Lisa said...

I wish I had a pet inside so I could do some of this felting for them. Sooo Cute! Thanks for your comment on the interview--you are too sweet! I really do appreciate it.