Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Wool-less Wednesday: Or What are You Doing in Your Garden?

My garden needed some attention. I put down the needles right in the middle of knitting a soft and thick neck warmer to get outside to clean away the dead brown stems of my now spent flowers, do some dead heading of my still blooming plants and fantasize about next spring's blooms.

These are the last blooms of my gaillardias which I was quite proud of given that it was a few dried up green leaves when I bought it on sale at the garden center. However, I was soon to learn from my perennial gardening book that these flowers are considered "gaudy daisies" not worth the time or effort to raise. They may or may not last through our Canadian winters!

Oh well, my trusty Black-eyed Susan's come back every year to fill the garden in late season. These are the best of my now fading blooms.

Before the really cold weather comes, I'll be putting spruce boughs over my more delicate plants including my "gaudy daisy". On the other hand, I could knit plant covers in fine alpaca wool....

Happy Gardening!