Monday, October 5, 2009

Whiskers and Wool: Men Who Knit

Do you know of any men who knit? I know men knit, but I don't know any men who knit.

I got thinking about this when I discovered BrianKnits! on Twitter. Brian is a knitter who blogs about his love of knitting. Take a look at his lovely triangle shawl.

Further investigation of the male knitter led me to  Men Who Knit  which is an online community for, who else, men who knit. It has 3078 registered users! There are a lot of guys knitting out there.

There are so many men blogging about their passion for knitting. Asplund Knits  of Sweden has examples of his skillful knitting on his blog. I love his Twined and Stranded Mittens.

Then there is Queer Joe's Knitting Blog which is entertaining to read with more great knitting. This is Joe's excellent tutorial Seaming a Sweater Sleeve.  Joe where were you when I was trying to figure this out?

At MenKnit  there is  an interesting history of men and knitting. There is also a list of more men's knitting blogs you can explore.

Happy Knitting Guys!