Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Wool-less Wednesday: Christmas Gift Bags

Two years ago, I made these Christmas gift bags. I was getting tired of garbage bags full of non-recyclable wrapping paper being thrown out Christmas morning.

I bought colorful Christmas fabric remnants on sale. The ribbon was sitting in my sewing machine drawer waiting for a use.

These were easy to make. I cut different size rectangles and squares from the fabric. Then, I folded each in half and seamed the sides. I used the buttonholer attachment on my Mom's old Kenmore sewing machine to make the opening in the casing for the ribbon ends, before turning down the top of the bag to make a casing for the ribbon to be threaded through.

I made sure to make a variety of sizes to fit gifts from the size of a CD to a bulky knit sweater.

This is our third year using these Christmas gift bags for our family gifts. They're gr-gr-great!

Happy Christmas sewing!